Schooling the Competition with Great service.

Meet the Crew of Schooley Electric. 

 The most Important part of our company is our employees and their ablity to service "you" the Customer.


The BigBossman Mr Schooley. Well this is him working really hard at nothing. Gotta love being the boss. On a serious note Don is a great guy and you can tell in just minutes of talking to him that this guy knows his stuff. With over 32 years of experience he knows electrical and is always ready to help and answer any questions.Don loves to work with his hands and is a skilled craftsman. When not working he enjoys playing hard and spending time with his family. Now if Cathy could just keep him from getting hurt, all would be great. 


Cathy is our office manager, controller and manages all the accounts receivable and payables and she does it all right down to the penny..

Basically she handles all the stuff that the rest of us can't do. Schooley Electric would not be what it is today without her. 

Cathy loves her family and enjoys traveling. 

Oh did I mention she's a Grandma now.


 Josh is a Journeyman electrician with years of experience and has been a valued part of the Schooley team since August 1999. Josh plays a key role in the planning and managing of many of our residential and commercial projects. Yes he sits at a desk most of the time, but Josh is the kind of guy that has no problem going to a jobsite and getting dirty to get the job done..Josh is a devoted father of two great kids and spends much of his time enjoying them..An outdoorsmans Josh spends much of his time snowboarding,mountain biking,rafting and hiking around the mountains of Utah. Josh is part of our Green team and drives a NGV (natural gas vehicle) Honda Civic as his company vehicle. Now if he would just wash the darn thing!!           

James E Malbon 10/26/1979 - 05/08/2010 R.I.P

It is with heavy heart's that we say goodbye to our good friend and employee James E Malbon.

James was not only a super employee but a great person and he will be sorely missed by all of us at Schooley electric.

James was tragically taken from this earth 5/08/2010  at the age of 30 on a beautiful saturday afternoon doing what he loved, riding his motorcycle. 

We will always remember and never forget his days with us at Schooley Electric...


Chris is a Journeyman electrician with 32 of experience, and this guy knows his stuff. He has been a valued part of the Schooley team December 2000. Chris and Don go way back, and I mean "way back"..Chris is involved with much of the project planning and with good reason..His attention to detail is amazing to say the least.                                        

Chris and wife Cyndy have two wonderful daughters and recently became Grandparents.When not working he enjoys spending time with his family snowboarding, camping and spoiling the new grandchild..We are very lucky to have Chris on our team his knowledge and experience is key to the success of our company. However a mistake every once in awhile would be nice.       


Scott is a Journeyman electrician and one of our most experienced guys. Scott has been with the Schooley team since October 1995.If you had to pick an electrician to get the job done then Scott is the guy. A human tornado with a toolbelt, his knowledge of electrical everything along with his none stop work ethic makes him one of the best in his field. His experience in both residential and commercial repair and troubleshooting is a huge asset to the success of our company. Now if he would just slow down enough so we can see what the heck he's doing.    


Lynn is a Journeyman electrician and has been a part of the Schooley Electric team for the past 8 years. Lynn is a go to kind of guy. His ability to complete and manage many of our big projects is a great asset to our company. Lynn is a great guy with a strong work eithic. A family man Lynn and his wife Bridget have four wonderful children. Lynn likes to play hard when he's not working, and enjoys riding motorcycles and hanging with his family. Lynn is a great employee and team player even though we find him just sitting around alot of the time. Like in this picture..



Ryan is a Apprentice Electrician and has been with Schooley Electric since April 2008. Ryan is a hard worker and has a Positive attitude.

He just became first time homeowner and He plays in a Band.




Mike is an Journeyman Electrican and has been with Schooley Electric since June 2010.

Mike is a hard worker and has run some of our biggest jobs.